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SUJET : It constantly felt being a player

It constantly felt being a player il y a 2 semaines 2 jours #70265

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I didnt know about the duplication bug and tell me about it or I'd like to learn more could you associate me the story that is complete dofus kamas echo ? A tiny neighborhood (just two individuals as far as I am aware but possibly more) understood how to replicate items for a lengthy time. They did not discuss this information and duplicated in controlled amounts to not ruin the market completely.For whatever reason one of the men backstabs others, reproduces trillions of vulbis Dofuses, makes a merchant selling them Dofus kamas each. I don't have a link to the screenshot, but I have found it and it's real.

While figuring out what to do so the servers for some time shut down. They decided they'll keep the existing 129 servers without rollback (they might have rollbacked a bit but I am aware if they did). Since this duplication was occurring for years there is no point rollbacking several days.So they're creating a brand new server. There is no actual way to reverse any harm done to the economy because harm occurred subtlety.

I saw a post from Dofus on Facebook relating to this recent update which intrigued me, so I downloaded the Dofus game. I needed to make a new account completely (not that it mattered) because my old account got"archived" based on support. I wanted to play the Single-Account server anyways, my older characters were on Echo(Rosal) prior to that. Trying to decide if I would like to reinvest in Dofus game and get back in to it.. But SO MUCH has changed in a couple years. I have no idea what's going on anymore and that I have nothing. Kinda hard tbh. Expecting a guild could help.

Because I've been a player that is single-account, the reason I wanted to play on Ily is.. When it comes to other MMOs, I have my main that I really concentrate on, then a bunch of alts I play when I'm bored/feel like playing these courses.. However, they don't get the focus. When there are several people who also do material on their own and run full teams, it constantly felt being a player. Makes me feel inefficient. So glad that this server is a thing today.

I'm creating this in order to centralize all information related to Dofus retro and to attempt to answer to each question associated with Dofus 1.29! In case you have any query which is not answered here, should you want more accuracy and also every question associated with this Dofus game.Dofus retro would be the release of 5 brand new Dofus 1.29 servers which will later on fuse to form only one.As far as I know, there was a huge flaw on the Dofus 1.29 version that allowed people to duplicate items, which influenced the market a lot. As it existed for a little while, it had been discovered but not totally solved. So if you would like a stable market, join us.Old servers will likely wind up being more populated than the new ones. A new start on a server's hype is something.

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